Secure Wallet

Secure Wallet

The Secure Wallet is the ultimate in cold storage. At the size of a credit card, it is ultra-portable and easily fits into your wallet. Wirelessly connect to your Secure Wallet and safely send, receive, and manage your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple using the ECOMI App. Lost your Secure Wallet? No problem! Get a replacement Secure Wallet and use your recovery code to restore your private keys and balances.


1000+ Currencies & Digital Assets Supported

+ erc20 tokens and erc721 collectibles





1000+ more

The Smart, Safe, Bitcoin Wallet

The ORBIS Secure Wallet is the most advanced and secure way to store your bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies. Protect your private keys in the safety of your ORBIS Secure Wallet. With no need to compromise security for convenience.

Get the ORBIS Secure Wallet Companion App

Easy & Portable

Connect to your Secure Wallet with the ECOMI app, and send, receive and store your Bitcoin, and 1000+ other cryptocurrencies, collectibles and tokens.

Highest Security

The Secure Wallet uses CC EAL 5+ government-level security to keep your cryptocurrencies safe inside the internal secure element  

Lost? No problem

Lost your Secure Wallet? No worries! Just use your recovery code and quickly recover and restore your private keys and balances

Non-Fungible Support

Seamlessly store, secure and transfer your digital collectibles with the Secure Wallet. Cryptokitties and many more!

Beautiful Interface.

What you get in the box:

1, or 2, Secure Wallet Card(s)

Secure Wallet Charger

Secure Wallet Manual

USB Charger Cable