ORBIS Blockchain Technologies Limited is a registered company in New Zealand, with offices in Auckland, Taipei, and Shanghai. The ORBIS Blockchain Technologies founders are passionate about the blockchain revolution are driven by a desire to deliver disruptive, revolutionary, storage, financial, and decentralized solutions to the world.

ECOMI, a blockchain company, provides a range of products and services that can solve these long-standing problems by striking the perfect balance between the physical world and the digital one. ECOMI utilises blockchain technology in three primary areas - the protection of private keys, real-world cryptocurrency payments, and the exciting new world of crypto-collectables.


ECOMI delivers the freedom to secure and control your collectables, data, and cryptocurrencies via a user-friendly solution. Our approach is a connect-the-dots strategy, with each solution, or ‘dot’, contributing to the greater ECOMI blockchain ecosystem. The ECOMI all-in-one ecosystem includes ECOMI Collect, ECOMI Vault, ECOMI Secure Wallet, and ECOMI One card and mobile apps.

Our approach is a connect-the-dots strategy, with each solution, or ‘dot’, created contributing to a greater blockchain ecosystem. The first two ‘dots’ our ecosystem are Secure Wallet and ECOMI Protect.

Our experienced team brings together personnel who have a proven track record in tackling emerging markets, massive social growth, global retail success, and forging new paths.



4E, 99 Customs Street West,
Auckland 1010,
New Zealand

    14F, 400 Zhe Jianf Zhong Road Huangpu District
    Shanghai 200001. China.

    2F, 51 Xing’ai Road Neihu District, Taipei City 114. Taiwan.