Ron English: Rabbit Grin - Silver

Once upon a time, a New York conceptual artist took the cheapest, most accessible and banal toy on the market, an inflatable plastic rabbit, and had it cast in polished aluminum, elevating it to high art status, a bauble for the discerning billionaire. It was art that reflected its time, or at least the insular art world. But the conceptual sojourn from kitsch to high-value commodity did not end there. Ron English, an artist known for making high art concepts more accessible and revealing the dark underbelly of the pop fa├žade, has let out some of the hot air of the high art balloon animal and delivered a middle brow collectible that embraces the ecstatic elation of the ultimate focus of fetish with his classic knowingly cynical Grin treatment. The high and low are forced to forever coexist in this work.